The Tenth Management Trainee 2 Weeks Orientation Closed Successfully


    The 2 weeks orientation for the tenth management trainee started at QDBP on Jul 13th,2015. Total 14 trainees attended this training.

    Through academy, professional course, lectures, workshops with senior trainees and QDBP management team, the trainees had initial understanding and knowledge about the company’s culture, production, sales and operation. In addition, we enriched the program by adding more interactive games and attempted outward bound activities.  During the period, the trainees surpassed their physical limits again and again under intensive professional courses and challenged individual and group tasks. They cognized themselves, challenged and stretched themselves. They unlock their understanding on pursuit of excellence as the core of the company’s culture. Through the training, they not only gain knowledge, but friendship and growth as well.

    To achieve the goal of group strategic development, the management trainee program has entered the 10th year. We have recruited over 200 management trainee from universities nationwide during the past 10 years. To date, many of our management trainees are well on their way achieving their career and life goals with our company.


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